Oxymoron: Moral Politics

The liberal-conservative rift in the US is disheartening. Friends unfriend one another in more ways than a FB click. Family ties snap into estrangement and fools threaten violence over ideological conflict. It strikes me that the divisive issues are a function of two forces: material and moral. We fight over how the national purse will … More Oxymoron: Moral Politics

Hear Here, Literally

afflatus is a bit of an experiment for me as a writer. I write unabashedly from a position of faith in God as revealed in the Bible. Yet, I hope to write in identification with humans generally and avoid pontificating. Ok, so I am idealist among other things. I don’t practice religion as one might expect. … More Hear Here, Literally


I meet a morning eagerly. A bit of joy at the start is much better than the opposite. I like the start of an adventure, the day, or a shared meal; so I begin this blog. I learned a new word searching for a blog name to use. The meaning of afflatus can be found here: … More Daybreak