A Ransack Ramble

The tub is full of hot water. Nearly six feet long and about two feet deep, it’s an easy soak for the whole frame of many folks; all except the ones large enough to go pro in some major league sport, I’d guess. No jets or lights. Just well water the on-demand heater steamed up before all that soothing wetness filled the tub.

A set of casement windows nearly the length of the tub frame a living landscape “painting” of mountain, pine woods, which cranked swing open like French doors, inviting a wash of mind-clearing, stress-easing air over the tub while one soaks. It’s especially awesome when the outside air is in the 40s and water temp a muscle-easing 104. The Japanese call going for a therapeutic walk in pine-scented woods a shinrin-yoku. This tub soak is a bit like finishing the walk by jumping in a random hot spring within those woods. Exhale and say, “Ahhhhh.”

The mind unhinges from all to-do’s and steps randomly on different pebbles of inspiration. I hit upon one to use for another series of blog posts. Never mind all theological justifications, the statements Jesus made are good for the soul.

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